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We’ve Discovered California’s Best … And So Can You!

California Wine

Discover California offers California Wine

Below are blogs on a few of our favorite California wineries we have discovered on our California travels

Discover California Gifts is your ultimate destination for all things related to California wine. Our website is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of informative and captivating articles centered around the exquisite world of California wine.

From the rich history and diverse wine regions to the latest trends and must-visit wineries, our curated collection of California wine articles will take you on a sensory journey through the Golden State’s vibrant wine culture.

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply curious about the art of winemaking, our comprehensive content will deepen your understanding and appreciation for California’s renowned wine industry. Join us as we uncork the secrets behind the finest wines that this enchanting region has to offer.

california wine and cheese pairing

As just about everyone knows, California wine is delicious!  There are so many wineries in California. 

Below we are sharing with you a few of our favorites, and we make it our job (yeah, tough job LOL) to add more as we travel California.  There are a number of California wine regions, and our goal is to eventually hit them all.  Some of the best wine regions in California are in Northern California.

Discover California Wines!

If you are planning a visit to California and would like to visit some wineries, here is a California winery map of some of the general wine regions and wine destinations in California from our California Tourism Bureau.

And check out our wine accessories!

Looking for California wineries that ship?  Or California wine club review?  We work with a California wine company that ships wine directly to your door.  You can join the California wine club and get your favorites regularly.

We have useful wine information too

Do you want to learn more about wine?  Keep reading below.

What is the best wine country in California?

California wine country is ALL over California!  There is more than just Napa Valley wineries.  I think the best winery in California is the one you are visiting at the time!  Of course, that is if the wine is decent.  One of my favorite wine regions of California is the Sierra Foothills wine region, and we will several different ones in our blog below.

What wine do I pair with my dinner? Is it California red wine with steak and California white wine with chicken?

While this is the common response, what is more important is what wine do you like?  For example, I love a good California chardonnay, so I do lean that direction for my lighter foods.  And a good California Cabernet Sauvignon is great with our California beef.  But if you don’t like red wine, then don’t drink it!  Stick with what you like, but do continue trying different varieties.  You will probably acquire a taste – then look out.  Your taste buds will get picky and only like the more expensive wines!

Delicious Wines of California - Discover California Wines!

Vickie and her husband John enjoy traveling in California and finding new places to visit, food and wine.  They are sharing their California travel and adventures with you, with the hopes that you too will want to visit California!  Join us as we share more about Discover California!